The Process.

Rugs and carpets are the lungs of the house.

They filter and hold dirt, dust and pet allergens. So well in fact that vacuuming alone is not enough to remove them.

Over time the dust dulls them, the allergens hang around and the dirt can cause a real smell.

For all the hard work they do, your rugs deserve care and treatment. Deep but gentle cleaning, free from toxic chemicals that could damage them.

Our process is entirely traditional, based on methods of rug cleaning used by those who originally hand made woven rugs and washed them in rivers.

Please see our most typical twelve stage process below.

Step 1: Vacuuming

The first step is the most recognisable. Your rug is thoroughly vacuumed front and back with an industrial vacuum cleaner. This helps to loosen any dry soils within the rug making them easier to remove. The roller brushes on the underside of the vacuum cleaner also lift and enliven the rug's pile.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

During the first step dry soils are released from the rug. Before cleaning commences we first clear the area of any dry soils. Pictured is the average dry soils released during vacuuming!

Step 3: Inspection and Colour Bleed Testing

Once thoroughly vacuumed your rug is inspected for any signs of damage and problem marks or stains. During this stage we also do a standard bleed test. This involves using a small amount of treatment on an inconspicuous area to test for colour bleeding. This informs us as to the cleaning method and intensity we can use.

Step 4: The Flood

For the majority of rugs, we will clean using the very effective flooding method. This involves first flooding your rug with clean cold water. This method may at first seem shocking but consider that woven rugs would've been originally washing by being submerged in a river!

Step 5: Treatment

Your flooded rug is then sprayed front and back with our eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Step 6: Agitation

The cleaning solution is then agitated with a nylon rotary brush, foaming the solution and loosening any stubborn dirt on your rug's fibres.

Step 7: More Agitation

This stage is often repeated to ensure the most thorough clean. And, it's also extremely satisfying to do!

Step 8: The Rinse

Cleaning a rug can be easily compared to washing your hair. Once the "shampoo" has been agitated and foamed it is then thoroughly rinsed out with clean water.

Step 9: The Flush

Easily the most satisfying stage in the process, the excess water is forced out of the rug using a weighted cleaning wand. As the water is flushed out so is the loosened dirt as you can see in the picture. If necessary, the rug is re-flooded and flushed until the water exiting is clear.

Step 10: Extraction

To aid drying and to ensure all soils are removed, your rug is now vacuum extracted using our powerful carpet cleaning machines.

Step 11: Grooming

Before drying, your rug's pile and any fringes are groomed and set. Setting the pile in the same direction adds to overall quality finish helping your rug to seem just like new.

Step 12: Drying

To ensure a quick dry we use a combination of turbo fans and a sealed dehumidifier drying room. Once dried your rug is given a final check over and wrapped for delivery.